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Important update on Cumulus Park Studio

Cumulus Park district in southeast Amsterdam is an ING initiative in collaboration with the City of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HvA) and the ROC of Amsterdam.

A district in which several buildings are connected to create an open atmosphere to drive collaborative innovation. A place that offers space to start-ups, scale-ups, corporates small and large, innovators and students to collaborate and innovate.

In the district Cumulus Park Studio programmes, plans and facilitates collaborative innovation around the themes urbanisation and digital identity; such as events, coordination of innovation programmes and communities. ING is the founding father of Cumulus Park Studio.

The unforeseeable impact Covid-19 has on the economy and by extension also on ING, requires them to reprioritize and reassess the programs they invest in and have initiated in the past. ING has decided to discontinue the Cumulus Park Studio activities.

In practice, external commitments will be stopped and no new investments will be made. Programs contracted for the coming period will continue to be delivered. We will thoroughly assess current obligations with stakeholders.

Although on a lower ambitions level, ING will continue to collaborate with the City of Amsterdam and ‘neighbours’; the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the ROC of Amsterdam. ING will be part of the ongoing consultation with the district partners to further develop this area and remains committed to attracting, retaining and developing talent as they are key to future success.

We would like to thank everyone who has pioneered with us in exploring new ways to collaborative innovation. Although our current activities will stop, the collaborative spirit stays alive!

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High-achieving organizations recognize that innovation is key to success. But teaming up with outside collaborators isn't always easy. Cumulus Park Studio matches you with the right partners, provides a proven innovation model, and neutral facilitation from idea to prototype.

The result? Innovation done right, with all the competitive and financial benefits. Our services help you broaden your view and expand your network, gain knowledge and prepare to innovate, and facilitate your collaborative innovation.


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Collaboration begins with real connectivity. Cumulus Park is the ideal place to connect over lunch, a webinar or an event. Our services help you to broaden your view and expand your network.

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Looking for fresh perspectives? Or do you want to develop your own experience in the field of data and tech? Our services help you gain knowledge and prepare to innovate.

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Join forces with corporates, startups, government bodies, students and researchers to build something new. Or connect with scale-ups developing the next wave of technology in your field. Our services facilitate both collaboration and innovation.

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Cumulus Park Studio is committed to facilitating the connections that will shape the technology of our time.
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Cumulus Park Studio is a place for people and organizations who want to revolutionize their thinking and impact their output.

Whether attending an event, or setting up a more permanent base, benefit from the culture of collaboration and innovation that comes with havin so many visionary thinkers in one place.



Cumulus Park Studio is the place for projects, experiments, business hookups, concept launches, research, courses and training sessions. Our modern workspace has a variety of areas for working independently or in teams.

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Our memberships support you in exploring collaborations, or provide you with a dynamic workplace to collaborate on innovative projects with other organizations and like-minded individuals.

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Themes for innovation
The world is in flux. As cities become more populated the fields of Urbanization and Digital Identity are crucial areas of innovation.

Ideas that optimize housing and mobility, e-commerce logistics, and that rethink public vs private space are more essential than ever – and will be our focus over the coming years.



By 2050, two-thirds of us will be living in cities. Combined with fast-emerging tech like smart housing, smart mobility, e-commerce and logistics, this creates huge challenges and opportunities for societies and organizations.

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Digital Identity

Digital technology has a huge impact on our personal life and even our personality: can I remain the same person as my digital-me? Will my digital-me continue to be mine? How can organizations handle an increasingly rapid change in consumer expectations as a result of digital technology and stricter privacy regulations, and still stay relevant?

We help people co-create, and go further than they would on their own.

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