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Changing the way we innovate

Cumulus Park is a collaborative innovation district in Amsterdam Southeast full of ambition and growth that will develop in the coming years. It is initiated by ING and is now supported by the municipality of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and the ROC van Amsterdam.

Cumulus Park offers a network, inspiration, processes and physical spaces for new generations of students, (mid) corporates, innovators, researchers and local entrepreneurs. From a green park to the faculties of the Amsterdam University of Applied Science and the ROC van Amsterdam. From a globally oriented restaurant concept to offices where workspaces are designed to co-create, learn, research and inspire.

Upcoming events

Feb 2020

Masterclass: Data Value – A Titanic or a Rocket?

What to expect A new business approach to data with collaboration methods to treat your “Data as an Asset” in order to gain tremendous value and transform your business Working sessions with exerc
Feb 2020

Local Meet-up Cumulus Park

After a successfull second Local Meet-up in November, we kindly invite you to the next Local Meet-up of Cumulus Park. A Meet-up where residents and local entrepreneurs connect with the Cumulus Park c

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Urbanization and digital identity

‘Urbanization’ and ‘digital identity’ are the themes of innovation events and programs at Cumulus Park. By 2050, two-thirds of us will be living in cities. Combined with groundbreaking, often fast-emerging technologies (like smart housing, smart mobility, e-commerce/logistics and the increasing connectedness of man and machine), this creates huge challenges and opportunities. 

At the same time, digital technology impacts our personal lives and even our personality: can I remain the same person as my digital me? Will my digital me continue to be mine? How can organizations handle an increasingly rapid change in consumer expectations as a result of digital technology and stricter privacy regulations, and still stay relevant?  


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The power of collaboration

We see many sectors and domains changing as a result of rapid technological developments; facing challenges that are more complex and different from the ones we are traditionally used to. To find solutions, we increasingly need a wide range of resources, skills and expertise that go beyond a single business or sector.
So, we are working on a new initiative that offers infrastructure for innovative collaboration, supported by a climate of openness and trust. Large, medium and small businesses and organizations from a range of public and private sectors can collaborate to share risks, try out multiple solutions and reduce the cost of innovation with the aim of accelerating and funding more relevant and workable innovations. This will benefit society and will help to future-proof businesses. 

Three programs on collaborative innovation

We are starting with three programs that offer the infrastructure for powerful innovation with collaboration as a core principle:


In the heart of Amsterdam Zuidoost, on the doorstep of Amsterdam Bijlmer Arena train station, you can find Cumulus Park. Cumulus Park offers an inspiring mix of meeting spaces, event and workspaces, sports facilities, labs, lecture halls, research facilities and green areas. 


About us

Great things happen when we work together. Going at it alone is not enough if we are to address the challenges we face in our future urban and digital lives. This is why ING joined forces with the Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the ROC van Amsterdam, Plug and Play, Teeming, Delft University, AMS Institute and others to develop Cumulus Park. A collaborative innovation district in Amsterdam Zuidoost where people and organizations come together in a unique community where different disciplines, sectors and backgrounds work on issues of today and of the future.



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