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Cumulus Park Studio
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Great minds don't always think alike

A new innovation district
When it comes to innovation, we believe diverse voices create stronger solutions for complex, global challenges. Cumulus Park is an ambitious community of business leaders, founders and entrepreneurs, academics, students, government bodies and more, working together to create impact.

A dedicated zone for collaboration

Within the district, Cumulus Park Studio is a dynamic workspace where organizations collaborate to create new opportunities, businesses drive research projects, and students interact with and learn from varied industry expertise.

Creating ideal online conditions

Our community’s health and safety is our top priority. That is why the physical spaces of Cumulus Park Studio have been closed for the past months. As the situation with COVID-19 evolves, we have implemented a number of measures, as recommended by the RIVM and the World Health Organization, for a safe return in September. Meanwhile we keep on creating the ideal online conditions for your collaborative innovation projects.

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Opportunities for global impact

Themes for innovation
The world is in flux. As cities become more populated the fields of Urbanization and Digital Identity are crucial areas of innovation.

Ideas that optimize housing and mobility, e-commerce logistics, and that rethink public vs private space are more essential than ever – and will be our focus over the coming years.



By 2050, two-thirds of us will be living in cities. Combined with fast-emerging tech like smart housing, smart mobility, e-commerce and logistics, this creates huge challenges and opportunities for societies and organizations.

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Digital Identity

Digital technology has a huge impact on our personal life and even our personality: can I remain the same person as my digital-me? Will my digital-me continue to be mine? How can organizations handle an increasingly rapid change in consumer expectations as a result of digital technology and stricter privacy regulations, and still stay relevant?


To learn, explore, rethink and create
We're here to help

Our services
There are lots of ways to get involved with collaborative projects at Cumulus Park.

Join an event, initiate a project, or ask for help to find the right innovation partners.



Collaborate with diverse minds
Join forces with corporates, startups, government bodies, students and researchers to build something truly new.

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Scouting and Scaling

Find your next innovation partner
Connect with hundreds of startups and scale-ups developing the next wave of technology in your field.

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Talent and Insight

Access people and knowledge
Find the smartest talent or develop your own experience in the field of data and tech.

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