Interactive webinar series: Adaptable Mindset for professionals Part 2

17 Nov 2020
15:30 - 17:00
Max participants
Learn how to create the right environment for your team and increase your collaborative innovation power.

If you want an adaptive organization that is open to change, can spot opportunities and act upon them, and is an overall nice place to work, we invite you to register for this webinar series.

In three webinars we explore how to empower people, build teams, and organizations which are adaptable by nature. Based both on science and practical experience, within corporates like Heineken, Liberty Global, eBay and a few startups, we found out what works and what doesn’t.

This session is for heads of digital, heads of innovation and L&D, who want to empower their employees, build successful innovations, and create organizational change.

Challenges and take-aways

Your challenges

In your team do you experience:

  • People shooting down ideas before they are given a chance?
  • Team members who have difficulty maintaining balance during stress and uncertainty?
  • People losing energy?


  • How to empower your team and create a supportive team structure
  • How to help people break free from old patterns
  • Practical tools for faster prototyping and validation
  • New wave of tools made for the remote world
  • How to reclaim time and energy
What can you expect

Part 2: Create the right environment for the team

“If the social environment is safe and supportive, the genes that encode dopamine receptors are turned on. With more receptors, the sense of intrinsic reward form discovery and curiosity is greater.” American Journal of psychiatry. A New Intellectual Framework for Psychiatry.

There is so much potential in making teams more innovative by creating the right environment for them to flourish. Empower your team with new techniques based on the latest neuroscience and practical tools, optimized for a remotely connected world.

In this part we will learn how to empower the team:

  • How to select your team members
  • How to cultivate the right environment for innovation, and how to create psychological safety
  • How stress decreases cognitive flexibility and the latest tools and processes to keep your sanity in a remote world
  • How to maintain energy, have fun, and keep an open mind

    In addition we will interview Celine van Erp Sr. product owner at Ebay about setting up a team for innovation, and her learnings.

    We'll share best-practices from many different innovation teams such as Heineken, Vodafone, Ebay and some startups to give you an honest and actionable way forward.

Knowledge partner

Digital Society School is a technology-supported training ground for organizations, governments and citizens to gain hands-on experience to lead and design the digital transformation of society. To do that, Digital Society School empowers professionals and students alike to develop 21st century competencies, of which Adaptable Mindset is one important element of it. All work they do contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.


Robert Overweg

Innovation Catalyst & Digital Society School Ambassador

Business model innovation, Strategy, Rapid prototyping, Online education. A decade of experience in innovation with clients like: Vodafone, Heineken, Centre Pompidou, Techgrounds + a few startups.

Celine van Erp

Sr. Product Manager at Ebay

Helps organizations navigate the uncertainty of rapidly changing environments by leading and energizing teams to explore new products and business models, creating new consumer and business value.

Meldy van Dijken

Program manager Cumulus Park Studio

Meldy van Dijken MSc MBA is program manager at Cumulus Park Studio, focusing on bringing content and building partnerships in an ecosystem for collaborative innovation.


Welcome and Introduction
Setting the Stage
Interview with Celine van Erp, Sr. Product Owner eBay
Plenary Session
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