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Ask me anything: increase B2B sales in a world of selling virtually

Hosted by Cumulus Park Studio
Hosted by Cumulus Park Studio
28 Sep 2020
16:00 - 17:30
Max participants

Learn from the Xtatio’s founders, Alla Idrisova (CCO) and Martin Peters (CEO), about best practices for businesses how to boost sales, improve your sales performance and gain more customer insights.

Xtatio is the first mobile application that turns customer feedback into actionable insights in real-time. What works and what doesn’t is no longer guesswork. Their algorithm translates real-time customer feedback into actionable insights for sales professionals in B2B and B2C. Over the last several months the Xtatio team has collected data from sales teams to compile some best practices for how to sell using online formats.

Why you can't miss this event

Have you been looking to optimize your sales and increase your revenue? And are you still figuring out how to adapt your in-person sales approaches to online meetings and videos, as a result of Covid-19?

You’re not alone, many sales organizations and sales professionals are wondering the same! The Xtatio team has become a leading expert in helping sales teams get better at sales, and increase their sales approach and sales conversions working with different clients globally. As of late, they have built deep expertise and knowledge on scaling sales and adapting their sales strategy for the post Covid-19 world. And you’ll learn what holds as much true as ever before in sales, and what are the areas that need to evolve.

About Ask Me Anything (AMA)

Ask Me Anything (AMA) is an online forum in which Cumulus Park Studio brings some of our best experts in niche fields of knowledge to the stage for our community and to ask anything. Whether its help on a certain issue for your company or providing advice on pressing issues from legal support due to regulation changes, advice on adapting to online and hybrid formats, or financial advice for SMEs and startups: our ecosystem of experts is here to help!

  1. You are welcome to meet Alla and Martin. They will provide you with insights on improving your sales, especially for succeeding in an environment where your interactions are more and more virtual.

  2. You and your team can sign up for a 20-minute personal one-on-one right after. If times are sold out email and we can help arrange additional slots.


Alla Idrisova

Co-Founder & CCO at Xtatio

INSEAD Alumni and successful entrepreneur

Martin Peters

Co-Founder & CEO at Xtatio

INSEAD Alumni and successful entrepreneur


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