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Data Strategies Masterclass2

Hosted by Cumulus Park
Hosted by Cumulus Park
30 Jun 2020
16:00 - 17:00
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How will your company emerge from this crisis? Times are different – as you try to rebalance, so are your customers and suppliers. Do you know how to adapt and keep them on board? Are you using just ‘data power’ to engage them? Tapping into data from the ‘outside in’ perspective is essential to position yourself for the ‘next normal’.

In the second webinar, explore your company’s data maturity – based upon our benchmark capabilities. We will share current case studies on how data-driven companies are working to engage, use ‘outside-in’ data to adapt their practices and models to move forward with resilience.

We will use a framework to understand where you are today so that you can determine where next to go. To use your company data to its best, valuating what you have and what you are missing is essential. Learn about strategies to identify and unlock the value inside and outside your company, then get ready to create your own growth plan!

What to expect
Learn to look differently at your data and identify your data maturity within you organization. Understand where you are, what your next steps might be and focus on the ability to look from the Outside In to your company.

How can you use both internal and external data to become closer to your customers, partners and the market? Unlock your data to emerge with resilience!

  • Learn through structure and practical processes.
  • Get energized by case studies of companies who transformed and gained tremendous value.
  • Join an interactive session with exercises to start uncovering your data value.
  • Take home effective ideas that will change your data strategy. With a new mindset and practical examples, it will accelerate your journey towards treating data as an Asset.
  • Do not miss the great chance to join a break-out group with like-minded people to discuss your specific possibilities and opportunities on a joined learning platform.

This inspiring series on your data strategies is organized by Cumulus Park and Data to Dollars

Our aim is to help you to gain deeper understanding of strategic data opportunities and to further your data journey. This webinar if part of the Data Strategies Masterclass Series. The next webinar will be:

  • Webinar 3: 15 July 2020 15.30 - 17.00 hrs.
    Creating your own Innovation Loop with your Customers & Supply Chain

Who should attend
People from all industries that are interested in data and have the following function:
- C-level business professionals
- CEO/Owner
- Head of Strategy / Business Development

Target Industries include, but not limited to:
- Data driven
- Recruitment
- Retail
- Food Retail
- Wholesale & Distribution
- Transport & Services
- Consumer Goods
- News
- Shared Services
- Banks & Insurance
- Investment
- Services

Challenges & Takeaways

Your challenges
The world is quite uncertain right now and data is free flowing but information is unclear and often confusing.
After three months of stand-still, where will you emerge? And how will your customers, clients, vendors and partners move forward?

Your take-aways
Assess what data maturity your organization has, learn the possibilities of where it can go, both using insight and foresight so you can begin to chart your path forward.
Understand your data and design a growth scenario where you lock in customers and make partners sticky.


Welcome & Introduction
Unlock your Data: Emerge with Resilience
Wrap Up & End
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Rebecca Bucnis

Managing Partner Data to Dollars

Rebecca is a go-to-market strategist, driven by an eye on data - with its unparalleled ability to transform organizations. Focused on identifying opportunities in the market to monetize data assets.

Joan van Walbeek

Chief Pioneer Data to Dollars

Joan has a unique spirit of pushing boundaries within an entrepreneurial attitude. With over 25 years success in leadership and sales, he accelerates organizations by focusing on strategy execution.

Meldy van Dijken

Program manager Cumulus Park Studio

Meldy van Dijken MSc MBA is program manager at Cumulus Park Studio, focusing on bringing content and building partnerships in an ecosystem for collaborative innovation.


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