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The Digital Revolution: Lecture

Hosted by Cumulus Park
Hosted by Cumulus Park
6 Jul 2020
15:00 - 17:00
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We are at the dawn of a societal revolution. Several technologies form the base for​ this development, such as AI, blockchain, robotics and biotechnology.

These​ technologies cause significant changes in every part of the economy and society as​ a whole: new business models appear, start ups are gaining ground while many​ large organizations have a hard time surviving and entire industries start to change​.

In order to survive, organizations, both public and private, should critically review their business model and wonder if their current value proposition is still relevant in the​ future. This lecture inspires participants to think outside existing frameworks, dive deeper into the future and think about new value propositions for the organization.

What to expect

Prof. dr. Bob de Wit, Strategy Works | Strategy Academy, analyzes the digital trends and developments and puts them in historical context. He also analyzes the impact of these trends on industries and organizations: which opportunities arise? During this lecture, you will be stimulated to think about how digital technologies impact your own business. We will dive deeper into the future and inspire you to think outside existing frameworks.

This lecture is part one of a two-part deep-dive into The Digital Revolution. Part I on July 6th is a lecture into our possible future world. Part II is an interactive workshop to apply the thinking methodologies to your own organization. The next session will take place on Thursday July 9th from 15.00-17.00 hrs.

Who should attend

People from all industries that are interested in digital technologies and how these might affect (positively or negatively) your business, people that deal with challenges on strategic level (CxO level).


Welcome Meldy van Dijken - Cumulus Park
Lecture Bob de Wit - Strategy Works | Strategy Academy
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Bob de Wit

Founder of Strategy Works | Strategy Academy

Writer of several internationally leading books and articles, and professor Strategic Leadership at Nyenrode Business University. Bob gives many inspirational talks about the digital transformation, the returning strategic question. His interest is understanding how leaders make decisions about the future, in which he combines the (economically driven) strategy field and the (psychology driven) field of leadership. He believes in the power of combining academic rigor and practical relevance.

Meldy van Dijken

Program Manager Cumulus Park


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