Nov 2019

Explore event: Optimizing Flows

Urbanization leads to increasing movements of people, vehicles and goods in an ever demanding urban environment, with increasing pressure on cities as a result. Smart, efficient and innovative solutions are needed to optimize the movements and flows.

Transportation through the waterway networks by using new distribution technologies and infrastructure promises to have vast potential in providing an integrated logistics concept for the city of Amsterdam. This opens up a world of opportunities – and challenges – for future sustainable logistics and e-commerce. In this first Cumulus Park Explore Event we will dive into the topic of logistic solutions by using the waterways, from two different perspectives.  

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions
In developing the world's first fleet of autonomous floating vessels for the city of Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS Institute) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) set-up a 5 year research project and collaboration. The research is focused on investigating the potential of self-driving technology to change our cities and their waterways. Roboat is the world’s first major research program on autonomous floating vessels in metropolitan areas.


Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub
Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub (ALC) is building a unique, versatile logistics hub with 125,000 m2 of ultra energy-efficient warehousing and office space near the centre of Amsterdam. With the port and ring roads within arm's reach, the canal network and the city centre of Amsterdam will become accessible with zero emissions from 2021.


15.30 - 16.00


16.00 - 16.05

Welcome & what are you getting into? (Sander van der Blonk - moderator) 

16.05 - 16.30

Keynotes by Wouter Moll (Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub) & Stephan van Dijk (Amsterdam Institute for advanced Metropolitan Solutions) 

16.30 - 16.45


16.45 - 18.00

Guided round table discussion 

18.00 - 18.30

Synthesis & vote of confidence 

18.30 - 19.00


AMS Institute

Cumulus Park is proud to have AMS institute (Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions) as one of their partners. The AMS Institute is a public-private institute founded in 2014 by Wageningen University & Research (WUR) and Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), together with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Our mission is to develop a deep understanding of the city – sense the city – to design solutions for its challenges, and integrate these into the city of Amsterdam. Our research portfolio revolves around applied technology in themes such as water, energy, waste, food, data and mobility, and integrating these themes to create an innovative, sustainable and just city.


Stephan van Dijk

Stephan is Head of Research and Valorization at the AMS Institute. The AMS Institute is the leading collaboration platform for research and innovation that makes our cities better. It brings together the brightest minds and resources from its founding partners MIT, Delft University of Technology, Wageningen UR, the city of Amsterdam and its business partners. Stephan is responsible for all AMS innovation programs across themes and the AMS innovation and valorization strategy and he is member of AMS Institute’s management team.

Stephan van Dijk AMS

Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub

The people behind the Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub believe in a future in which transport across ‘the last mile’ and in areas with high urban density can take place much more efficiently and without emissions. Cities are looking to eliminate CO2 emissions and are seeking methods to improve safety and the living environment within their limits.
The ALC is therefore not just about a new building, it is the introduction of an integrated logistics concept for the city of Amsterdam, in which all available traffic flows and methods of transport are bundled and coordinated. The waterside location offers great potential for the supply and distribution of goods via the waterway network in Amsterdam, relieving pressure on the road network in and around the city.

Wouter Moll
Directeur Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub

Wouter Moll ALC

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