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Exploring Digital Identity

Hosted by Cumulus Park Studio
Hosted by Cumulus Park Studio
10 Sep 2020
16:30 - 17:30
Max participants

Everyone leaves an online trail nowadays. There are things people need to share online, things they want to share and things that are tracked. All of this feeds into a digital identity. Inevitably, your organization will work with many digital identities of your customers or prospects. A new field is emerging, offering many opportunities as well as risks.

How you can explore business opportunities in this domain? Even better: explore with peers from other sectors and enrich your perspectives? Join this webinar!

Why you should not miss this event

How do you determine what to do with a new development? Topics related to innovation are becoming increasingly complex because they are often driven by new technology. Moreover, they raise new ethical issues, for example around privacy and data exchange.

However, in times of crises there is more need to innovate. At the same time there is less time and money available. The solution: innovate together with others.

What can you expect

  • Sneak peek of the opportunities in the Digital Identity domain
  • Insight into a collaborative exploration process
  • How to decide when to collaborate and when not to collaborate
  • We will answer all the questions you have left

Digital Exploration

In October the next edition of the collaborative exploration on ‘Digital Identity’ is coming up! With three other companies you analyze trends and developments in this field and explore potential opportunities for your company. Enriched by perspectives of peers from other companies, while you share the investment of this process with them.


Livework is an international and multidisciplinary organization of researchers, system thinkers and business designers. Digital Identity is well-known territory to their researchers and designers. We will build on their existing knowledge and competence in leading complex explorations.


  • Introduction by Cumulus Park Studio and Livework
  • Digital Identity: what does it mean and what are the opportunities
  • Questions
  • Exploration process: how to and why gather consumer insights with multiple partners
  • Questions
  • Closing


Irene Duyn

Program Manager Cumulus Park Studio

Irene Duyn is Program Manager at Cumulus Park Studio: growing our ecosystem by building programs and partnerships for collaborative innovation.

Anouk Randag

Service Design Lead at Livework studio

Anouk worked at the intersection of design, research and innovation since 2007. Designing and directing numerous market/user research projects, and created various services and innovation strategies.

Rosa Storm

Junior Service Designer at Livework Studio

Rosa has a passion for understanding people's thoughts, needs and behaviors. In her two years at Livework Studio she has put her knowledge into practice in client project across multiple sectors.


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