22 Nov 2019

Cumulus Park in Live Talkshow Stadsleven ‘Start up, Fall down’

Our own Irene Duyn is speaking at the live talkshow Stadsleven ‘Start up, Fall down’ on Nov. 26 at Pakhuis de Zwijger about the startup scene. 

Interview with Irene.

Cities love startups: they bring in new people, new ideas, new money. But there is a dark side too. Everyone hopes to be the next Google or Airbnb, but more often there is disappointment and even bankruptcy. 

The lineup of speakers is great, Prince Constantijn van Oranje, special envoy of Techleap, Michel Visser on the failure of Konnektid, Stefano Cutello on the near-failure of Pastbook.com to winning the Deloitte Fast50 (!), Jennifer Harvey of Google Launchpad, Niels de Greef on the failure of ParkFlyRent and Daan Weddepohl on the near-failure of Peerby. 

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