9 Aug 2019

Plug and Play at Amsterdam innovation district

One of the partners at the Amsterdam innovation district is the world’s largest innovation platform Plug and Play.
Since 2006, their accelerator programs, corporate innovation services and in-house VC have expanded worldwide to include a presence in over 20 locations globally, giving more than 10,000 start-ups the necessary resources to succeed.

Plug and Play

Plug and Play excels in scouting the very best start-ups & scale-ups to team up with their 280 official corporate partners in a wide range of industries. Guiding them into concrete pilot projects in this ultimate startup ecosystem. For the Amsterdam innovation district, Plug and Play works on two broad challenges. Firstly, how do we establish and safeguard identity in the digital age? Secondly, how to make life more livable, safe, and happy in the city of the future? Therefore they are selecting the most interesting start-ups & scale ups to work on several use cases together with corporations such as ING. 

Plug and Play

Digital Identity – New technologies

In June 2019, Plug and Play kicked off the new Digital Identity innovation platform in Amsterdam. In this platform, two 3-month programs will run in a year, accepting start-ups that are working on innovation within Digital Identity. The domain of Digital Identity comprises new technologies such as self-sovereign identity as well as innovations in the spaces of identification, authentication, KYC and KYS.

Urbanization - Innovation for the city of tomorrow

In October 2019, Plug and Play will launch a new Urbanization program in Amsterdam, where the ecosystem of corporations, start-ups and others, create the city of tomorrow. How will nearly seven billion city-dwellers live, shop, travel, and connect in 2050? 
In the accelerator programs, run twice a year, the world's best start-ups are connected to the most innovative corporations through networking, events, world-class mentoring, and potential for investment.

Join the Amsterdam innovation district

Great things happen when we work together. This is why ING joined forces with the Municipality of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the ROC, Plug and Play, Teeming and others, to develop the Amsterdam innovation district. An inspiring ecosystem where bright minds from different backgrounds and cross-industry work together on solutions for challenges of the future. 

So, whether you're a corporate looking for innovation, a start-up looking for a boost or a scale-up looking to extend, please contact the Amsterdam innovation district to learn more and join!